F1™ has a range of exceptional hospitality options to suit any need, and budget. Choose between differing levels of hospitality to ensure an incredible F1 experience.



The Paddock Club is the ultimate F1® hospitality experience, offering its sophisticated guests priority access, unmatched service and a gourmet culinary experience – with the best view of the F1® racing. The legendary Paddock Club is an institution, with a 30-year history of exceptional hosting at one of the world’s most glamourous sporting contests. Positioned above the team garages, overlooking the pit lane*, the Paddock Club at each of the worldwide Grand Prix boasts extraordinary views of the start/finish line.

The F1 Paddock Club™ is available in a two-day or three-day option:

  • Two-day tickets include Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday (race)
  • Three-day ticket includes Friday (testing)*, Saturday (qualifying) and Sunday (race)
  • Each two or three day ticket has an individual pass for each day, which gives you the flexibility to invite different guests each day.


From 3600 USD




Corporate hosting at the international F1® Grand Prix events presents the perfect opportunity for establishing new business relationships and celebrating successful partnerships. Exclusive hosting venues are available inside the circuit facilities throughout the season at our global venues.

Take advantage of the prestige, sophistication and recognition that F1® has established for a unique corporate entertainment event. 


Secure your access to the exclusive Amber Lounge, the official all day and night, all glamour F1® “After Party” venue.

Join our celebrity and VIP guests in celebrating every thrilling F1® victory alongside its champions. Available in Monaco, Singapore, Mexico and Abu Dhabi, The Amber Lounge offers a heady mix of high fashion runway shows*, luxury yacht excursions and a nightclub experience like no other.

* Monaco, Singapore, and Mexico City


For a bespoke F1® experience, tailored for you and your guests, Private Suites within the Paddock Club offer complete comfort in a private environment.

Corporates, teams and sponsors make use of these restricted access and customisable venues in order to entertain their guests in a more exclusive and personalised setting.

Suites have flexible layouts and can be branded throughout, to meet your requirements, including custom-made fixtures such as welcome desks, platforms and podiums. You can also choose private in-suite entertainment to match the tone of your event. Each suite is hosted by a maître d’ and serviced by a dedicated barman and waitress, as well as a suite chef to serve from the buffet.

Private Suite holders enjoy all of the comforts and access of the Paddock Club with the added benefit of being able to personalise the experience for clients and honoured guests. This makes our Private Suites the ideal space to entertain your VIP clients, host product launches or annual general meetings for your valued executives and stakeholders – and all set against the undeniable excitement and glamour of a world-class F1® Grand Prix event. 

From 3600 USD per pax


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